Jessica Bungard
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This memorial website is created in the memory of Jessica Morgan Bungard. Jess passed away on June 22, 2008 at the age of 31.

She is survived by her loving husband, Cody Wilmer, her parents John and Jay Bungard, and her sister Nora.

Please share your memories, photos, emails of Jess.

A non-traditional service was held at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Harrisonburg on June 28th. Following the service, friends and family paid tribute to Jessica’s life.

The family suggests any desired memorial contributions can be made to Teen Challenge of Fredericksburg (PO Box 5471, Fredericksburg, VA 22403), Friends of the Rappahanock (PO Box 7254, Fredericksburg, VA 22404), or a charity of choice.
Tributes and Condolences
A poem Jess wrote at age 13 about her life   / Jay (Mom)
PrayerLet the electricity within meburst into a crystal geode and sparkle with the intensityof the shattering of a child'sfavorite marble shooter.Let it radiate to the worldaround meand become everythingI want my life to have.(She wrote this in 8th g...  Continue >>
Remembering Jessica   / Gretchen Ulrich (childhood friend )
To Jessica's family my deepest condolences. For some reason Jessica popped into my head today. We were childhood pals and I had not spoken with her since she left Morgantown West Virginia many years ago. I thought I would track her down on Facebook ...  Continue >>
Condolences  / Kathy Moore (Co-worker)
I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about Jessica.  I worked with her at Fitzgerald & Associates in Charlottesville a few years ago.  She was a good friend and co-worker.  She was a hard worker and had a wonderful sense of ...  Continue >>
USAO/Malicious Prosecution Team   / Charlotte Manning (Former Colleague/Softball Teammate )
I was deeply saddened to learn of Jess's death and terribly sorry to have missed her funeral. My deepest condolences to Cody and Jess's other family and friends. I very much appreciated the brief time that we worked together at the U.S. Attorney's Of...  Continue >>
A light has gone out.   / Sarah Schulz (co-worker)
My condolences to the family and friends of Jessica. I had the pleasure of working with her during her 4th year at Virginia. I just read the in memoriam section of UVa Magazine. I immediately went to the computer & discovered this site. I could n...  Continue >>
No Words  / Terry Cavanaugh (Friend of the Family )    Read >>
I am truly saddened...  / Aron Kaufman (friend)    Read >>
a quote that reminds me of Jessica - in tribute  / Jay     Read >>
Inspiration / Beth Freeborn (friend)    Read >>
Reflections on such a beautiful person, Jessica  / Sheila M. Hightower (Former Co-worker )    Read >>
Condolences to you and your family  / Ginny Mason (Former co-worker of John, her father )    Read >>
Learning Basketball in Morgantown  / Rosalind Parkinson (Family friend )    Read >>
Jessica will be missed  / Chris Dudley (colleague)    Read >>
condolence message  / Maria And Pedro Diez (friends of her inlaws )    Read >>
4th floor, 583 Brandon Avenue, represent!  / Christie Rears (friend)    Read >>
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Her legacy
I know Jess will have a long and enduring legacy for all of us. I'll add things as I can think of them.

If you're comfortable, please email me your thoughts on her legacy. I'll post them here (with names or without -- it's up to you).
Lifetime Achievement Award  
The TTB awarded Jessica a Lifetime Achievement Award. Her father Jay and sister Nora accepted it on her behalf. The ceremony was held in the Cash Room of the Treasury, and her coworkers had a little preceremony get together that was very nice to share their memories and present an award plaque "In recognition of Honorable Public Service" that had framed and preserved her photo credentials along with a TTB seal.

Below are Rob Tobiassen's (Chief Counsel) presentation remarks at the Award Ceremony.

"Our second lifetime achievement award recognizes that a person can give so much in so short of a period of time. In her almost four years with TTB, Jessica Morgan Bungard gave so many outstanding contributions to TTB, to the legal profession, and to her local community that we want to honor her memorary today with a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jessica joined TTB in August 2004 as a Presidential Management Fellow with the Regulations and Rulings Division. She excelled there in handling controversial regulation projects such as ingredient labeling and developed protocols for training employees on complex disclosure questions. Her skills were widely applied as was shown in her exemplary detail to the United States Attorneys Office where her courtroom work advanced the faithful execution of the criminal justice system. Later, she continued contributing to the legal community through the pro bono program of the District of Columbia Bar.

Never one to forego new challenges, in August 2006, Jessica joined the TTB Office of the Chief Counsel where she immediately assumed full responsibility for her work on complex disclosure laws, industrial alcohol questions, legal precedents relating to Puerto Rico, as well as personnel law cases. No new case was too much for her.

Not one to stop her life at the office door, she had a wonderful work life balance. She contributed to improving her local community as a dedicated volunteer in Teen Challenge of Fredericksburg, Virginia and Friends of the Rappahannock River.

All of this tragically ended on June 22nd last year when Jessica was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. In the four short years that she touched our lives, she was a mentor, a leader, a friend and colleague who showed us all that every day of life is full of opportunities and challenges, that we should strive to be stellar in our work, committed to our communities, and never stop reaching for new heights and new stars.

It is my privilege to invite Jessica’s husband Cody Wilmer and her parents Julianne and John Bungard to accept Jessica’s TTB Lifetime Achievement Award. "
It's not a touba, it's a soozaphone!  
Jess's artistic ability is known to all that know her. Therefore, it was only natural that she help in painting up our souzaphones with various patterns (all orange and blue, naturally!) to make them stand up. We know for sure that she painted the yin-yang fish (orange fish on a blue background), and the V-tongue (orange UVa "V" on a blue background, with a red tongue over the V). They looked beautiful, and are lasting reminders of her talent, as is the "Where the wild things are" Pep Band t-shirt that she helped to design and drew herself.
Jessica's Photo Album
Jess with friends on June 1, 2008
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